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EAEU companies to be allowed to open their branches in Belarus

EAEU companies to be allowed to open their branches in Belarus


            The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission has decided to notify the Republic of Belarus of the need to abide by the EAEU law in order to allow legal entities of the Union countries to open their branches in Belarus.

            In accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, foreign entities are not allowed to establish their branches in the country. The prohibition also extends to creating branches of the Union States' legal entities.

            Meanwhile, as Gegham Vardanyan, EEC Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies stressed, the Treaty on the EAEU binds each country to provide legal entities of any Member State with a treatment no less favorable than that provided to legal entities of its own country. The Treaty also stipulates that the Union countries should not impose or apply restrictions on any Member States’ entities in respect of their business legal structure.

            "Nowadays, branches can be opened in all Union countries, except Belarus", - Gegham Vardanyan specified.

            The meeting also noted that the Government of Belarus was already developing relevant amendments to the Civil Code.

            Following the discussion, it was decided to notify Belarus of the need to comply with the Protocol on trade in services, establishment, activities and investment in order to make it possible for the Union’s legal entities to open their branches within the Republic.