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EEC held first consultation on Strategic Directions for Development until 2025 implementation plan

EEC held first consultation on Strategic Directions for Development until 2025 implementation plan

The Eurasian Economic Commission has launched a series of expert consultations chaired by Sergei Glazyev, EEC Minister in charge of Integration and Macroeconomics, on drafting a comprehensive implementation plan for Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025 generally approved at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council's meeting held in May this year.

Strategic planning and long-term forecasting in the Eurasian Economic Union were the subject of first discussion held on August 3. Some approaches to implementing the provisions of Strategic Directions related to forming mechanisms that promote economic development, improving the economic forecasting methodology, scientific and technological development of the EAEU as well as elaborating the Main Directions of the Union's Economic Development until 2035 were considered during the discussion involving a wide range of experts and representatives of the scientific community.

"The complexity of current situation lies in the turbulence associated with structural shifts in the world economy, changing technological and world economic paradigms that do not reveal any trends, which makes it difficult to use traditional econometric models for forecasting. In this context, we should look for fundamentally new approaches to strategic forecasting," stated Sergei Glazyev, EEC Minister.

The meeting was attended by Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture, who mentioned that the Union’s future involved work aimed at development, cooperation and strengthening cooperative ties between the Member States. Representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy for Foreign Trade spoke as visiting experts.

The Commission has started diligently drafting the implementation plan for the Strategic Directions as regards its fully agreed sections.

Following these consultations, a scheduled implementation plan for the Strategic Directions will be elaborated, containing measures and mechanisms for achieving the objectives set in the Declaration on Further Development of Integration Processes within the EAEU.​