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EEC and EC: technical regulation dialogue launched

EEC and EC: technical regulation dialogue launched


The European Union is an important trading partner of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The representatives of the business communities of the EAEU and the EU countries are interested in creating the most favorable conditions for promoting their mutual trade. This was stated by Timur Nurashev, Director of Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) during the meeting with representatives of the European Commission at the EEC.


“Harmonization of the EAEU and the EU legislation, in particular, in the sphere of technical regulation, is one of the most effective means of overcoming trade obstacles between the Eurasian and European integration associations,” – Timur Nurashev emphasized. The meeting was dedicated exactly to the prospects for convergence of regulatory and legal acts in this sphere. It is commonly agreed by the sides that it can be called the beginning of a substantial technical dialogue that is capable of providing a breakthrough in trade and economic relations between the two unions.


Director of the EEC Department informed its European Commission colleagues about the EAEU technical regulation system, and informed them about the work being done to establish supranational mandatory requirements, uniform rules and procedures for assessing compliance, and creating transparent accreditation and market surveillance procedures.


Representatives of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Domestic Market, Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Katya Modric and Kirill Dirsherl, reported on the main peculiarities of establishing the EU safety requirements for products and services, and conformity assessment procedures. Particular attention was paid to the issues of state supervision of products on the EU market and the procedures for admitting goods from third countries to it.


The sides have also discussed in detail the issues related to the Decision of the European Parliament and the Council No. 768/2008/EU, including the application of procedures for resolving disputes and disagreements between the authorities in charge of control (supervision) over compliance with mandatory product requirements in the EU, the activities of EU reference laboratories, updating European standards, and others.


Oksana Plashkova, Deputy Director of the EEC Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department, informed about the main provisions of the EAEU technical regulation “On the safety of alcoholic products”.

The meeting attendees noted the importance of arranging such dialogues for building trust-based relationships on the issues of technical regulation, circulation of medicines and medical devices, customs cooperation, etc. 

“Regular meetings of our experts will help harmonize product safety requirements and market surveillance procedures, make the products more competitive and remove technical barriers to trade. So that the interaction could be constructive and effective, we deem it appropriate to develop a joint action plan to bring approaches closer and resolve issues related to the implementation of technical regulation measures in the two integration associations,” – Timur Nurashev suggested.