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EEC proposes to create patent landscape in EAEU

EEC proposes to create patent landscape in EAEU

“Consolidation of national technology transfer centers in the Eurasian Economic Union through a common electronic platform will ensure more intensive cooperation of new technology designers, generation of proposals for common projects of innovative products as well as transfer of new ideas and modern technologies to production in the Union from abroad”, stated the Member of the Board – Minister in charge of Industry and Agricultural Sector of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Alexander Subbotin at the plenary session of the International Strategic Forum on Intellectual Property “IPQuorum 2019” held in Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad Region, Russia) on April 10.
According to the common practice, it is a must for many global manufacturing companies to order patent research and development of the “patent landscape” before starting the development and introduction of new technologies, investing in innovation, bringing the product to the market, buying and selling intellectual property.
“The “patent activity" is one of the innovative development indicators of the Union industrial complexes. – Alexander Subbotin stressed. – Provisions should be made for the use of “patent landscape” tools when forming the global Eurasian industry information system”.
According to Alexander Subbotin, in order to solve this problem one has to provide such a service as a database of patents available to the public in the information resource created by the Commission. At the same time, the national technology transfer centers as participants of the Eurasian technology transfer network can be endowed with the competence to conduct the patent landscape.
“The creation of such a service will allow the Union industrial enterprises to determine country’s technologies trending in the development and implementation, to identify the main competitors and key developments in the technical field being studied”, the EEC Minister noted.
Moreover, during his visit to Kaliningrad, Alexander Subbotin held a working meeting with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov. During the meeting, the main development trends of the jewelry industry in the EAEU as well as the potential of creating an export-oriented Eurasian Jewelry Brand were discussed.
“We have prepared a draft Action Plan for the jewelry industry development in the EAEU which includes a number of measures to create an institutional environment and infrastructure for the development of the jewelry industry and ensure the export of jewelry products. We invite all interested parties to take an active part and make their proposals”, –Alexander Subbotin noted.
He also participated in the opening ceremony of the ABB Engineering Center in Kaliningrad.