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EEC Board adopted recommendation on consumer rights protection

EEC Board adopted recommendation on consumer rights protection


The Eurasian Economic Commission's Board has adopted a recommendation whereby the Commission and the authorized authorities of the Eurasian Economic Union countries will exchange information on consumer rights protection issues.

Member States have been recommended to annually send information to the Commission which includes data on the content, objectives, tasks, priorities and principles of state policy in the field of consumer rights protection; on the state system of such protection; on the number and nature of consumer rights violations detected following the state control (supervision) or as requested by citizens; on measures aimed at regulatory regulation in this field and others.

The recommendation has been elaborated by the EEC Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures jointly with the authorized authorities of the Union countries to implement paragraph 3 of the Commission's Action Plan for implementing the priorities of the Belarusian presidency set out in the Address by Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus, to Heads of the Member States dated January 1 this year.

The information on the system of state and public protection of consumer rights, areas of legal relations highly exposed to consumer risks as well as measures taken in countries in this direction will be posted by the Commission in the Section "Consumer Rights Protection" ( on the Union's common information resources and open data portal. This will enable continuously monitoring the situation in this field.​