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EEC Council adopted the Union’s technical regulation on safety of gas and made specific the requirements to food product labelling

EEC Council adopted the Union’s technical regulation on safety of gas and made specific the requirements to food product labelling

The meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) on September 14 adopted decisions in the spheres of trade, digitalization of economy, industry, financial policy and technical regulation.
The EEC Council, in particular, approved the “road maps” for implementation of the Interim Agreement leading to formation of a free trade area between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and Iran and the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation between the EAEU and China; approved the Procedure for interaction between the Union countries and the Commission on the issues of elimination of restrictive measures in trade with third parties, extended the term of validity of zero import customs duty rate for internal combustion engines for “Belaz” vehicles assembly, and considered the information on the implementation of the EAEU Digital Agenda.
The EEC Council adopted the EAEU technical regulation “On Safety of Combustible Natural Gas Prepared for Transportation and (or) Use”. The technical regulation establishes requirements for safety of combustible natural gas prepared for transportation through main gas pipelines; gas for industrial and household purposes; gas compressed and prepared for use as fuel for internal combustion engines; gas liquefied after special treatment and used as fuel. The document also determines parameters of hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, mercaptan and total sulphur, mechanical impurities content of gas.

The rules for blue-flame gas circulation at the EAEU market are prescribed. In particular, each consignment of gas must be accompanied by the quality certificate with a clearly defined list of information including data about the manufacturer, standard and actual values of gas parameters, results of laboratory testing, single EAEU conformity mark. The Union countries also unify gas norms and standards which will enable free access of common EAEU gas market players to stock trading at commodity markets of the Member States and national gas pipeline systems for uninhibited transportation of gas between the Union countries.
Adoption of the technical regulation “On Safety of Combustible Natural Gas Prepared for Transportation and (or) Use” is an important milestone of the formation of common gas market in the Union. The document will enter into force on January 1, 2022.
Amendments were adopted to the Union’s technical regulation “Labelling of Food Products”. The EEC Council made specific the requirements for labelling of products which will ensure better readability and perception of information on consumer packages.
In particular, the criteria of “good readability”, “intelligibility” concepts were made specific, the requirements to type height for separate data specified in the food product labels were determined, the requirements for placement on the package of data on the made up name of food products were introduced. For instance, data on the date of manufacture and shelf life are specified using type with the height of at least 2 mm for lowcase letters.
The criteria of good readability include precision and legibility of type used for labels as well as contrast between the background colour and colour of information written on it ensuring the possibility to read it without the use of special optical devices (except for glasses or contact lenses). The criterion of “intelligibility” is unambiguity of the meaning of information about the product in the textual or both textual and graphical form.
Other requirements made specific include requirements for placement on consumer package of data on food products not contained in the consumer package or not used upon manufacture of food products or food product components inside the consumer package or taste or odour whereof are not imitated by components being part of such products.
The decision of the EEC Council will help the citizens of the Union countries make better choice of the products.
The term for putting in place of amendments made to the technical regulation is stipulated – upon expiry of 180 calendar days from the date of their official publication. Besides, for a seamless transition to a new package a transition period is proposed of at least 24 months from the date of entry into force of amendments to the EAEU technical regulation.
The EEC Council approved the new technical platform in the sphere of development and production of lighting equipment “Eurasian Lighting Platform”. For this purpose amendments to the instruction of the EEC Council No. 32 dated October 18, 2016 “On Approval of the Regulations on Formation and Functioning of Eurasian Technology Platforms (ETP)” were approved. The approved platform became fourteenth in the EAEU.
The key areas of new platform operation is the development of up-to-date equipment and innovative technologies for manufacture of lighting products as well as energy conservation lighting equipment for food production and processing plants of agricultural sector of the Union. Moreover, the association will represent the interests of ETP participants in the authorized authorities of the Union countries and international organizations, will engage in assessment of patent protection level of the developed technologies and organization of field-specific educational and business events.
The Eurasian Lighting Platform in addition to the narrow-focused light-emitting-diode platform will facilitate the creation within the EAEU of joint projects and complex production of lighting systems on the basis of all types of light-emissive devices: sodium-vapor, halogen, fluorescent and other luminaires.

The founders of the platform include S.I. Vavilov Russian Lighting Research Institute and a number of lighting products manufacturers of the EAEU countries.
Vice Prime Ministers of the Union countries signed the Agreement on Harmonization of Legislation of the EAEU Member States in the Sphere of Financial Market. The Agreement determines the areas of and procedure for harmonization of legislation of the EAEU countries in banking, insurance sectors and the sector of securities market services based on international principles and standards. The document is necessary for establishment of common financial market and mutual recognition of licenses in the Union countries. The process of approximation of national norms must have completed by 2025.
The agreement is also expected to be signed by the Heads of central and national banks of the EAEU Member States at the earliest opportunity.
Within nine months from the date of entry into force of the agreement the parties in conjunction with the EEC will develop a “road map” for approximation of norms stipulated by national legislation in financial sphere.
The EEC Council instructed the Board in conjunction with public authorities of the EAEU countries and market participants to address the issue of the creation of export-oriented Eurasian jewelry brand.
For this purpose a project team will work at the EEC platform which will submit proposals for specialization of the Member States, name of trademark and brand-building strategy in third countries, for standards and rules to be applied to products developed under the Eurasian brand and to the project participants, for the necessary infrastructure, digital and information decisions as well as introduction of amendments to the legislation of the Union countries for the protection of interests of market players and reduction of their costs.
The Commission invites interested market players to join efforts with the project team.