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EAEU industrialization map to help develop Union's industry

EAEU industrialization map to help develop Union's industry

The EIC has instructed the Eurasian Economic Commission, jointly with the Eurasian Economic Union States, to ensure developing the Union's industrialization map.

The industrialization map will become an important tool for coordinating activities of the EAEU countries on import substitution as well as reflect import-dependent technological trends, potential of the Member States’ manufacturers, existing industrial projects and cooperation ties in the Union. It will enable the parties to avoid duplication of industrial facilities and to move towards the industry-based specialization of manufacturers.

The map will consist of three sections. One of them will contain information about major ongoing and planned investment projects as well as projects significant for relevant manufacturing industries. It has already been proposed to include 178 major projects in 18 manufacturing industries with an investment volume of about 200 bln US dollars. This will enable the parties’ manufacturers and state authorities to see each others plans and modify them in a timely manner.

The second section will include about 500-600 technological trends in more than 20 industries requiring import substitution in the EAEU as well as directions where enterprises are ready to participate in implementing relevant projects. This information will enable to form production chains for import substitution throughout the Union and to rationally distribute state support measures for import-substituting industries.

The third section will consist of commodity items that are of greatest importance in terms of import to the Union’s customs territory. The most active import substitution work will be launched for these positions.

The industrialization map is planned to be posted on the EAEU official website. It is planned to be regularly updated. In view of this, the governments of the Union countries have been instructed to arrange the provision of relevant information to the Commission.

Based on the data contained in the EAEU industrialization map, proposals will be drafted for developing manufacturing capacities in the Union countries. The document will enable to comprehensively organize import-substitution work, combine national plans in this field, develop and implement joint programs and projects, create intersectoral relations between manufacturers and efficiently use competencies available in the countries.​