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EEC and Minselkhoz of Russia discussed prospects for developing integration in agricultural sector

EEC and Minselkhoz of Russia discussed prospects for developing integration in agricultural sector


​Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Maksim Uvaydov and Elena Fastova, Deputy Ministers of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, discussed issues of forming a sustainable common agricultural market of the Eurasian Economic Union and implementing joint research and staffing of the industry during a working meeting held on August 18.
"The work during the period of new coronavirus infection has shown the need for the Union States to take additional measures aimed at forming a sustainable development of the common agricultural market and elaborating coordinated prompt response and interaction measures to meet food needs," Artak Kamalyan noted.

The EEC Minister has proposed to draft a comprehensive document, the implementation of which will contribute to sustainable development of the Union's agricultural market as well as provide insight into promising steps for cooperation between the sides in this field.

Elena Fastova has endorsed this initiative and highlighted the need to invest the Commission with powers to coordinate the Union countries' drafting and implementing of interstate documents in the agricultural sector.

The importance of developing interaction between the Member States at the Union’s level on agricultural science and staff training on mutually beneficial conditions was mentioned. According to Artak Kamalyan, "there is a need for cooperation in the field of agricultural education and joint research to cover the deficit of new knowledge".

The meeting attendees have agreed on the need to develop skills in the process of training focused on real business needs and stressed the significance of practical focus of joint research in agricultural sector.

The Russian side has supported the possibility of making agreements confirming the Union countries' intentions and specifying conditions for joint research and staff training activities, exchange of experience and knowledge in agriculture.

Furthermore, the meeting has noted the expediency of drafting an international treaty on creating a single market for organic agricultural products in the EAEU. This is due to completion of the regulatory legal framework formed in all Union States which governs manufacturing and sale of such products.

The international treaty will enable ensuring unhindered circulation of such products in the internal market as well as help initiate negotiations on access for the EAEU countries’ manufacturers to third-country markets.