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The EEC developed a procedure for joint scientific research in agriculture

The EEC developed a procedure for joint scientific research in agriculture


The EEC Board approved the Procedure for conducting joint R&D works in the sphere of agricultural sector of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union. This year, it is planned to approve the document by the heads of Government of the Union States.

The EEC developed the procedure for the effective use of scientific and innovation potential, to strengthen cooperation of the Union States in the field of agriculture. The document regulates requirements for joint R&D, roles and responsibilities of participants and actors, milestones, resources and funding schemes.

Joint R&D are scientific researches being of interest for the development of agroindustrial complex of the Union States. They are carried out for agreed topics and aimed at innovative development of production and sale of goods and services. Their purpose is to ensure food security and balanced food markets, to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the agriculture of the Union States, and preservation of biodiversity and ecological balance.

At least 2 EAEU countries should participate in a joint research project. The EEC Commission shall submit a request to the governments of the Member States or their authorized bodies about participation in the implementation of joint R&D projects. The Governments of the Union States or their authorized bodies shall inform the EEC about their possibility of participation or their lack of interest in joint research projects within 30 days from the date of the request receipt.

List of R&D projects is formed for a period of five years on the basis of proposals from the Member States and approved by the EEC. At that, national priorities for the development of the agricultural sector, goals and objectives of the Union for the development of the agroindustrial complex, as well as priorities of interstate scientific, technical

and innovation policy in the sphere of the agroindustrial complex of the EAEU should be taken into account.

Customers of joint R&D projects may be public authorities and academies of sciences of the Member States. The term for execution of joint R&D projects is limited to five years.

"The relevance of the development of this document stems from the need for technical and technological modernization of agroindustrial complaex of the EAEU through the use of the best scientific achievements and best practices, technology transfer and innovations. In this context, scientific and innovative development of the agroindustrial complex is defined as one of the main directions of the agreed agroindustrial policy," said the EEC Board member - Minister in charge of Industry and Agroindustrial Complex Sergey Sidorskiy.

According to the EEC Minister, for the purpose of scientific development for the most promising directions of the agroindustrial complex, a list of 14 priority topics, including crop production, cattle farming, aquaculture, veterinary medicine, etc. has been developed. These are further deployed into a registry of research developments undertaken by the parties, which includes more than 150 research projects by50 scientific organizations of the Union  States.

Adoption of the Procedure will ensure realization of promising joint research projects in the Union in the field of agroindustrial complex. This will allow the EAEU countries to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the scientific potential, avoid duplicated research projects and increase cooperation in science and innovation activities in the agroindustrial sector.