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EEC Discussed Perspectives of Cooperation between Eurasian Countries and Mauritius

EEC Discussed Perspectives of Cooperation between Eurasian Countries and Mauritius

Встреча с Министром-советником Республики Маврикий.jpeg

Ms. Barsegyan, Director of the Integration Development Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, and Mr. J. Bissoondoyal, Minister-Counsellor of the Republic of Mauritius in the Russian Federation, discussed formats of economic interaction between the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Republic of Mauritius. The negotiations were initiated by the Embassy of Mauritius.

Ms. Barsegyan appreciated Mauritius' interest in activating the dialog with the EEC, provided information on the current state of the Eurasian economic integration, the Union's international agenda, and the progress of concluding cooperation memoranda between the Commission and governments of third countries.

"To come up with effective practical actions, I suggest that we use the experience we have gained recently in seeking cooperation with the African Union. As a basis, we can use our work in the format of the Memorandum of Understanding between the EEC and the African Union in the Sphere of Economic Cooperation. Implementing this document, we have drafted, and are discussing with our African colleagues, a joint event plan, many points of which would be suitable for the cooperation between the Commission and the Government of Mauritius,"  stated the EEC representative.

Moreover, Ms. Barsegyan spoke on the EAEU's Strategic Directions of Development for Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025 and plans to implement them. She also emphasized the high importance of cooperation with the African Union that includes Mauritius.

Mr. J. Bissoondoyal supported the idea of "embedding" the Republic of Mauritius into the interaction as part of the said Memorandum and favored potential extension of cooperation areas. He is convinced that every opportunity should be used for business cooperation between the parties.


 Mauritius' economy is based on the production of sugar, tourism and textile industry. This is Africa's second country in terms of living standards and the third in terms of the GDP per capita. Mauritius is developing off-shore and banking businesses, produces and processes sea food and fish on a large scale.