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EEC reviewed draft new "road map" for implementing transport policy in 2021-2023

EEC reviewed draft new "road map" for implementing transport policy in 2021-2023


 The meeting attendees have determined that the content draft of the road map for 2021-2023 should include measures for regulating transport activities aimed at liberalizing transport services considering the developmental challenges of each transport mode and the transition to electronic document flow. The document should also include measures for developing transport activities related to customs administration, education, innovative development, informative development, digitalization and others. 


Special attention was paid to developing activities on forming the legal framework for regulating mixed, container traffic and ensuring transit in the EAEU as well as internal shipping of the Union countries, expanding air service, information exchange when transporting to third countries by rail, requirements for the weight and size of vehicles when moving along the Eurasian transport corridors. 


Besides, the working group have considered steps to implement integration projects in the field of transport, form and approve a list of the Eurasian transport corridors and routes and supported the initiative launched by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure to elaborate a comprehensive plan for developing the Eurasian transport corridors. 


The draft road map is scheduled to be discussed at the next meeting of the working group in September.​