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Railway network to deliver agricultural products to China can be expanded for the entire EAEU

Railway network to deliver agricultural products to China can be expanded for the entire EAEU


The railway network to deliver agricultural products to the PRC can be expanded for the entire Eurasian Economic Union. Addressing the relevant possibility with the Member States has been included in the roadmap for interaction between the Eurasian Economic Commission and Russian Railways, OJSC (RZD). The document has been approved during a meeting of Andrey Slepnev, EEC Minister in charge of Trade, and Oleg Belozerov, Director General - Chairman of the Board of RZD.


"We believe that the project for transporting agricultural products to China has a huge growth potential within the Union," noted Andrey Slepnev, EEC Minister in charge of Trade. "In 2019, China led the world in importing soy beans, frozen beef, chicken and fish and it ranked second in importing rapeseed and sunflower oil, crustaceans and pork. China accounts for a significant share of dairy imports as well."


The Minister has recalled that the Union Member States are significant players in the world agricultural market. The Russian Federation already imports plain flour, soybeans, confectionery products and frozen chicken using the "Agroekspress" service. Along with that, there is a potential for a significant increase in deliveries by attracting other EAEU countries’ exporters to the project. Furthermore, the Union as well as the Central Asia States (in particular, Uzbekistan, which is expected to become an observer country) have significant possibilities with respect to meat and dairy and fruit and vegetable products.


"In view of the EEC's supranational status, we see a number of areas for our cooperation both in terms of promoting Russian railway products and services in foreign markets and creating favorable conditions for railway transport users within the EAEU," Oleg Belozerov stated.


During the above meeting, an arrangement was also reached to include RZD representatives in sectoral working groups in order to discuss problematic issues that arise when accessing third-country markets as well as promising areas of cooperation with the EAEU partners under agreements.


The meeting of representatives of the EEC Trade Unit and RZD management continued a series of contacts with the business community as part of building up a systematic work with a view to maximize the effects of trade agreements with third countries. The EEC invites the EAEU Member States' business community to a dialogue on finding new opportunities in the markets of free trade area partners.​