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Selective animal breeding innovations to be tested according to uniform rules

Selective animal breeding innovations to be tested according to uniform rules


On September 22, the Eurasian Economic Commission's Board firmed up the Testing Guidelines for New Breeds, Types, Lines and Crosses of Livestock in the Eurasian Economic Union Member States.

Once the document takes effect, the jurisdictional agencies of the Union countries will start using a standardized procedure to test new breeds, types, lines and crosses of farm animals, bred by livestock breeders, for compliance with the minimum requirements necessary for official endorsement.

"The Guidelines will make sure that the test results of new pedigree livestock breeds are recognized by all member states across the Union, and that the data on breeds, types, lines and crosses, indicated in pedigree certificates, genetic certificates, in pedigree livestock IDs, and every time EAEU States share data on their pedigree livestock and achievements in breeding, is accurate,"  noted Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board – Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture of the Commission.

The Guidelines define the livestock breeding outputs eligible for testing, the conditions to be met before livestock is admitted to testing, the minimum testable headcount of pedigree stock and breeder line stock in total breeding outputs, and the criteria by which the livestock is to be tested.

The ordinance was developed in accordance with the Treaty on the EAEU and the Agreement on the Measures to Standardize the Selection and Breeding of Farm Animals within the EAEU, signed by the Heads of Government in October 2019.

According to analysts, the Board's decision will have a favorable effect on the livestock selection and breeding industry in the Eurasian Economic Union countries.​