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The EEC proposes to protect competition in the EAEU markets by proactive methods

The EEC proposes to protect competition in the EAEU markets by proactive methods

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) proposes to be proactive in the competition protection in the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Marat Kussainov, the Member of the Board (Minister) in charge of Competition and Antitrust regulation of the EEC, announced this at the extended meeting of the Collegium of the Federal Antimonopoly Service as part of the annual international event “Competition Week in Russia”. “We are already working on such institutions, and in the near future, we plan to submit the proposal about them for consideration by the authorized bodies of the countries of the Union,” the EEC Minister pointed out.
In particular, the Commission proposes to develop and implement a public initiative mechanism. It is expected that it will be a tool for proactive detection, identification, and suppression of competition restrictions. The public initiative, starting with the announcement of the problem, should be completed with conclusions about the presence or absence of competition restrictions and the definition of preventive measures.
"The Commission should not be limited to merely reviewing applications for violations of the Common competition rules. We're supposed to identify markets independently where competition is not sufficiently developed,” Aleksey Sushkevich, the Head of the Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the EEC, commented. So, he believes, "it makes sense to give the Commission the power to issue warnings to violators and thus establish a mechanism for proactive response to the competition restriction."
According to Marat Kussainov, the basis for this competition protection mechanism of the EEC will be the results of its own investigations in cross-border markets and the conclusions of scientific researches. In addition, “the public initiative will be based on the integration of the analytical work of specialists of the EEC and national antitrust authorities,” the Minister said.
The EEC also stands for giving the Commission the power to suppress anti-competitive actions of foreign persons in the Union markets. "Such actions of large international companies may entail the transfer of anti-competitive practices to the cross-border markets of the EAEU. In this regard, it is proposed to free the initiative work of the Commission for Protection of Competition from unjustified restrictions in this area,” Marat Kussainov said.
The other EEC initiatives include strengthening competition advocacy. To this end, in 2017, the EEC Competition and Antitrust Regulatory Unit proposed a new format for interaction with business – the Public Reception. This enables every entrepreneur to gain knowledge about the legal framework for the protection of competition in the cross-border markets of the EAEU and the rules for making applications to the Commission for defence of violated rights.