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Об итогах внешней и взаимной торговли товарами Таможенного союза в январе-июне 2012 г.
28 августа 2012 | Таможенно-тарифное регулирование

По оперативным данным объем внешней торговли товарами государств – членов Таможенного союза за январь-июнь 2012 г. составил 459,6 млрд. долларов США, в том числе экспорт – 302,9 млрд. долларов США, импорт – 156,7 млрд. долларов США. Стоимостной объем экспорта по сравнению с январем-июнем 2011 г. в текущих ценах увеличился на 9,7%, или на 26,9 млрд. долларов США, импорта – на 4,8%, или на 7,2 млрд. долларов США.

EAEU Chief State Sanitary Physicians discussed a unified comprehensive plan to deal with coronavirus infection
14 May | Technical Regulation

At the meeting of the Council of Heads of Authorized Bodies in the Field of Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population of the EAEU Countries held on May 12, particular attention was paid to the draft comprehensive plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other massive infectious diseases in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. It is the eighth meeting during the pandemic.

EEC launches repeated anti-dumping investigation on oil and gas pipes from China
14 May | Trade

The Department for Internal Market Defense of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has decided to initiate a repeated anti-dumping investigation due to the expiration of the measure for seamless steel pipes from China used for drilling and operating oil and gas wells.

Meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council
14 May | Chairman of the EEC Board

On May 19, a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council is to be held via video conference.

EEC and EAEU Financial Institutions to launch the competition for Eurasian business initiatives
14 May | Industry and agriculture

The industrial and agroindustrial unit of the Eurasian Economic Commission supported the execution of the corresponding agreement by the Eurasian Development Bank, Russian Export Center JSC, and the organizing committee of the "Regions - Sustainable Development" Competition, which key participants include Sberbank PJSC and Rosselkhozbank JSC. International investment projects (business initiatives) are to be selected as part of the Eurasian "Integration" Competition.

Customs declaration of a number of goods has been cancelled in EAEU
13 May | Internal markets, informatization, information and communication technologies

Russia has canceled mandatory customs declaring procedure for commodity groups, including coal, peat, alcohols, vitamins and others, except for raw oil and petroleum products exported from Russia to Belarus.

Chairman of the EEC Board Mikhail Myasnikovich congratulated Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture, on his anniversary
12 May | Industry and agriculture | Chairman of the EEC Board

The Head of the Eurasian Economic Commission Board has noted the scholarly insight of the birthday celebrant, the experience of top government official and his genuinely professorial outlook in industry and agriculture which allow him to solve difficult problems at the supranational level.

EEC has extended anti-dumping measure for kitchen appliances and cutlery from PRC
12 May | Trade

The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission has extended the anti-dumping measure on Chinese kitchen appliances and cutlery made of corrosion-resistant steel until January 15, 2021, inclusive.

Structure and format of electronic passenger customs declaration have been approved
12 May | Customs cooperation

The EEC Board approved the structure and format of the passenger customs declaration (PTD) in the form of e-document at a meeting held on May 12.

EEC Department found no reason to abolish anti-dumping duty on imports of railroad wheels from Ukraine
12 May | Trade

The Department for Internal Market Defense of the Eurasian Economic Commission has found no reasons to revoke the anti-dumping measure on wrought steel wheels from Ukraine. The relevant conclusions are contained in the report of the governing body that conducted the anti-dumping repeated investigation.

Congratulations by Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the EEC Board, on 75th Anniversary of Victory
09 May | Chairman of the EEC Board

Esteemed Colleagues and Friends!
I heartily congratulate you on the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!
May 9 is an ever-being date in the history of the Eurasian Economic Union countries. On this holy celebration for all of us, we bow our heads with deepest respect to our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who defended the Fatherland and saved the world from fascism and we mourn for the millions of the fallen.