The Interim Agreement leading to the formation of a free trade area between the Eurasian Economic Union and its Member States, on the one part, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other part, (hereinafter – Interim Agreement) was signed on May 17, 2018 and came into force on October 27, 2019.

Based on the Decision of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council No. 16 of December 11, 2020, negotiations are underway to conclude a free trade agreement.

The Interim Agreement expired at the end of October 2022. Therefore, a Protocol to the Interim Agreement was signed in Tehran (Iran) on March 14, 2022, providing for an extension of its application for three years or until the entry into force of the free trade agreement. The Protocol entered into force on October 25, 2022, thereby ensuring the continuity of preferential treatment in trade between the EAEU and Iran.

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The EAEU-Iran Interim Agreement (English language, original)
The EAEU-Iran Interim Agreement (Russian language, unofficial translation)
Protocol to the Interim Agreement (English language, original)
Protocol to the Interim Agreement (Russian language, unofficial)
Overview of key provisions of the Interim Agreement (Russian language)
The decision of the EEC Board on the rates of import customs duties applied in accordance with the Interim Agreement with Iran
Memorandum of Cooperation (English language, original)
Memorandum of Cooperation (Russian language, unofficial translation)
The EAEU's foreign trade with Iran (Russian language)
Guidance on the Eurasian Economic Union Trade Regulation 2020
Guidance on the Islamic Republic of Iran Trade Regulation 2020