Eurasian integration agenda concerning intellectual property discussed at EEC

The work of the Eurasian Economic Commission for conducting annual monitoring of law enforcement practices to combat counterfeit goods in the common market of the Eurasian Economic Union was highly appreciated by members of the EEC Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property at its meeting under the chairmanship of Bakytzhan Sagintaev, the Commission's Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy, at the EEC headquarters on October 18. 

As was emphasized by representatives of ministries and departments, as well as the business community of the Union countries, recommendations based on the results of such monitoring allowed the authorized bodies to improve the strategy to combat counterfeiting.

According to representatives of the Commission's Economy and Financial Policy Unit, in 2022, the EAEU States recorded 6,054 violations in the field of intellectual property. At the same time, the volume of identified counterfeit goods amounted to about 8.7 million items, including clothing and footwear, games and toys, spare parts for cars, printed and pharmaceutical products. The Commission, together with the authorized bodies of the Union countries, is doing everything possible to protect conscientious producers and consumers from counterfeits that can be dangerous to life and health. 

The meeting participants also discussed ways to further develop intellectual property cooperation between the Commission and the CIS Executive Committee.

In addition, information was presented on implementing the Agreement on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin of Union goods, elaborating coordinated approaches to combating violations of intellectual property rights on the Internet and a number of other issues. 

It was agreed that the Commission would prepare a 2019–2023 analytical review. Among other things, it will examine key global trends in intellectual property development, compare and contrast the legislation of the Member States and present appropriate proposals. The results of this analytical work will help deepen cooperation between the Union countries in the field of intellectual property and improve the national systems for the protection, safeguarding and use of intellectual property.

For reference

The Advisory Committee for Intellectual Property was established on September 25, 2012. It is composed of heads and deputy heads of ministries and agencies as well as business community representatives from the EAEU States. The Committee prepares intellectual property recommendations for the Commission, conducts consultations, initiates proposals for interaction between the authorized bodies of the Union countries and works on other relevant issues.