Heads of EAEU States gave high appraisal of Strategy-2025 implementation rate

At the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council’s meeting held on May 27, the Eurasian Economic Commission presented to the Heads of State a report on implementing the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025.

As of year-end 2021, the rate of implementing the Strategy-2025 corresponds to the target one. A total of 84 events were planned for 2021. Besides, more than 100 measures are carried out on a regular basis.

The Heads of State instructed the Commission to continue this work.

The Strategy-2025 contains 11 directions for further integration development as well as 332 measures and mechanisms for their implementation. The plan for implementing the Strategy-2025 clarifies and specifies these measures and mechanisms through 523 activities.

 Information Support Section of the EEC Organizational Support and Protocol Department