Publication of EAEU social and demographic statistics for H1 2022

The Eurasian Economic Commission’s Statistics Department has published a bulletin "Socio-demographic Indicators. Statistics of the Eurasian Economic Union". The brochure covers data on population, labor market, standards of living, consumer prices and consumer market in January–June 2022.

In H1 this year the birth rate in all EAEU countries decreased compared to the same period of 2021: in Armenia by 4.3% (16,5 ths people were born), in Kazakhstan by 8.4% (198.1 ths people), in Kyrgyzstan by 3.6% (70.9 ths people), in Russia by 6.3% (635.2 ths people).

At the same time, in all Member States except for Russia there was a natural population increase. In Russia, population decline was 383.8 ths people.

All EAEU countries except for Kyrgyzstan saw migration outflow. In Kyrgyzstan, population growth due to migration was 1,750 people.

In the first half of 2022, the average monthly nominal salary increased in all Union States compared to the same period in 2021. The highest growth rates of both nominal and real salaries were recorded in Kazakhstan (124.1% and 110.9%, respectively) and in Kyrgyzstan (123.9% and 109.8%).

More detailed statistics has been provided on the Statistics Department's webpage in the "Statistical Publications" section.