Amendments to technical regulation on toys adopted

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council has approved amendments to the Technical Regulation "On safety of toys". The amendments were prepared by the Commission jointly with the Eurasian Economic Union States.

The document envisages the establishment of schemes and procedures in the technical regulations to certify toys on the basis of model schemes approved by Decision No. 44 of the Commission's Council.

The practice of applying this technical regulation has been taken into account, and the technical regulation norms have been harmonized with the Treaty on the Union. Besides detailed certification procedures, the amendments establish methods and ways to identify toys, as well as the procedure to be followed by the applicant and the certification body when changes are made to the design of toys or their manufacturing technology. It also envisages the storage of a set of electronic certification documents and mandatory translation of foreign documents, as well as the use of test results for subsequent batches of similar products within a year, which will improve the EAEU business environment.

Implementing the amendments guarantees the application of uniform conformity assessment procedures established on the basis of model schemes and the comparability of assessment results in each EAEU country.