Electronic veterinary certificates to be valid in EAEU

The Eurasian Economic Commission’s Council has amended the Regulation on the uniform procedure for veterinary control (supervision) at the Union’s customs border and within the Union’s customs territory. They stipulate a standard on using veterinary certificates issued in electronic form by the EAEU countries’ authorized authorities.

Nowadays, paper veterinary certificates are issued when importing and moving goods subject to veterinary control. The possibility of using electronic accompanying documents will enable increasing the efficiency of veterinary control by improving the exchange of information about issued certificates as well as precluding the possibility of forging such certificates.

The amendments will encourage the Union States’ authorized authorities to develop national information systems for issuing authorizations in electronic form.

The adopted decision is consistent with the Eurasian Economic Commission’s digital agenda which provides for transiting to authorizations issued in electronic form for convenience and efficiency of information processing.

The Council's decision shall come into effect 180 days have elapsed after its publication on the Commission’s official website. This deadline has been set to finalize information systems of customs and authorized authorities in the field of veterinary supervision of the Union’s Member States. Organizing interdepartmental interaction is required for customs procedures (operations) with respect to batch of goods subject to control by supervisory authorities at the Union countries’ state borders.