20.11.2023 (Обновлено: 27.11.2023 10:47)

The EAEU continues to implement the project Digital Technical Regulation within the Eurasian Economic Union

Preliminary results of the Eurasian project called Digital Technical Regulation were presented at a special section meeting within the framework of the Integration Eurasian Business Forum on November 15. The event attracted wide interest: developers, regulators and representatives of the business community all exchanged views on the dialogue platform.

In his speech,
Vladimir Salamatov, General Director of International Trade and Integration LLC and Head of the consortium of the project Digital Technical Regulation within the Union, noted the need to implement a set of agreed measures to enable digital transformation in the field of technical regulation and uniform approaches and rules for its implementation in the EAEU Member States.

In his opening remarks, Timur Nurashev, Director of the EEC Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department, noted the project complexity and scale, as well as labor-intensive tasks mandated to the consortium. The project has to integrate into the existing model of participant relations, while deepening and increasing the efficiency of interaction between all stakeholders in order to provide the users with a complete set of data on the product requirements established within the Union.

“Within the framework of this project, we are all creating a new ecosystem of relations and procedures, enshrined in the law of the Union, in terms of establishing and enforcing uniform mandatory requirements to products. With this event, we are launching a discussion on the project implementation with market participants, which will allow every stakeholder to contribute to the project and see it 'behind the scenes'. We will hold several such events in different countries, and, if necessary, will create a permanent dialogue platform for discussing these issues,” Timur Nurashev emphasized.


     Alexander Burak, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, spoke about certain aspects of the digital project implementation. In his speech, he noted not only the positive impact that the project will have on all market participants, including consumers, but also identified certain risks, to mitigate which it is necessary to make relevant consolidated decisions right now.

Opinions on various issues of digital transformation in the field of technical regulation were also shared by Denis Mironov, General Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Russian Institute of Standardization; Azamat Usenbaev, General Director of the Single Window State Enterprise; Andrey Lotsmanov, Deputy Co-Chairman of the RUIE Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation; Dmitry Drobyshev, Technical Director of International Trade and Integration LLC; Aslan Abdraimov, Department Director of National Information Technologies JSC; Maria Oliger, Head of the Department of Methodological Support of Information Systems, FAI National Institute of Accreditation.

The meeting participants reviewed a wide range of topics concerning various aspects of digital transformation, ranging from the current status of the DTR project, approaches to the implementation of digital ecosystem services and principles for connecting third-party services, to a discussion of the standardization role in the digitalization of production, building a system for disseminating standards and approaches to digital transformation of standardization and technical regulation, principles and approaches to measuring the effectiveness of conformity assessment, taking into account the interaction with the DTR system.



Given the intense interest shown by the section participants in the speakers’ presentations, they were made publicly available. You can find them at