26.01.2023 (Обновлено: 31.01.2023 10:34)

EEC discussed simplification of rules for providing information when specific aspects of goods declaring are in place

The draft decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission to simplify the goods declaration procedure when periodic and partial declaration applies was discussed at the meeting of the Working Group on the customs declaring procedures under the specialized EEC Advisory Committee.


The meeting was chaired by Nurlan Baynazarov, Deputy Director of the EEC Department​ for Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice. In particular, he noted the following,

"On the initiative by the Republic of Belarus it is proposed to simplify filling in a range of declaration columns, which is determined by declaration specifics. In our opinion, that will be useful for businesses under the current difficult conditions."

Moreover, during the meeting experts discussed the initiative by the Russian Federation to indicate information on marking goods by identification means in the application for goods release as in a declaration but before filing it.

Also, experts considered initiatives on supplementing Annex 2 to the Procedure for filling in the declaration for goods.

For reference

The Procedure for filling in the declaration for goods was approved by Decision No. 257 of the Customs Union's Commission dated May 20, 2010.

The Working Group on customs declaring procedure was established earlier in accordance with the decision of the EEC Advisory Committee on Customs Regulation.