Changes made to Technical Regulation for milk and products for children and adolescents

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission has amended the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union "On Safety of Milk and Dairy Products". The conceptual apparatus of the Technical Regulation has been clarified, technical amendments have been introduced in terms of identification, physico-chemical and microbiological indicators of certain types of dairy products.

The decision shall come into effect after 360 days have elapsed from the date of its official publication.

The EEC Council amended the Technical Regulation "On Safety of Products for Children and Adolescents". As part of the changes, it is allowed to increase the weight of a half-pair of shoes for toddlers and preschool children, taking into account the technological features of production. Some provisions of the Technical Regulation were adjusted based on law enforcement practice, with due account for global trends.

The amendments to the Technical Regulation are to enter into force six months from the date of publishing the EEC Council's decision on its adoption (tentatively in April 2023).