Section of Monitoring and Information Interaction

Phone: + 7 (495) 669 24 00 
Tatiana Anatolevna Fedko - Head of the Department Division, ext: 58-40 
Svetlana Anatolevna Vinogradova  – Deputy Head of Division, ext. 58-36 

David Manvelovich Abramyan – Advisor, ext: 41-68
Timur Aleksandrovich Slobodchuk – Advisor, ext: 58-44
Berik Altayevich Umytbayev – Advisor, ext: 58-42
Aigerim Murzapayazovna Karagulova – Counselor, ext: 58-46
Armine Meruzhanovna Petrosyan – Counselor, ext: 58-25
Sergey Metsoevich Igityan – Chief specialist-expert, phone: 58-06

The Section performs the following functions:

1) Forms and keeps the electronic register of obstacles in the Union's internal market, as well as ensures access to the information from the register.

2) Ensures the maintenance of the information portal "Internal Markets Functioning in the Eurasian Economic Union" that offers economic entities and other interested persons the possibility to report the information on obstacles to the Commission and ensures the consideration of the received appeals in accordance with the procedure for consideration of appeals submitted by juridical and natural persons, as determined in the Commission.

3) Monitors internal markets functioning with the aim of identifying obstacles.

4) Prepares proposals for removing obstacles on the basis of the information on the results of monitoring internal markets functioning, including proposals for developing action plans ("road maps") on removing obstacles in the Union's internal market in cooperation with the Member States and the Commission's structural subdivisions.

5) Coordinates and monitors the implementation of actions provided for by action plans ("road maps") on removing obstacles in the Union's internal market.

6) Ensures the elaboration of recommendations for law enforcement practice in the Member States and carrying out of advocacy work by the state authorities of the Member States.

7) Participates in conducting regulatory impact assessment of the Commission's draft decisions and actual impact assessment of decisions adopted by the Commission on issues within the Department's jurisdiction.

8) Ensures information sharing with interested persons about removing obstacles.

9) Prepares proposals on creating advisory bodies.

10) Provides organizational support of activities carried out by the advisory body (bodies) on issues within the Department's jurisdiction.

11) Performs other functions within its jurisdiction.​​​​​​​​​