16 Jul 2024 Gohar Barseghyan participated in the ceremony of awarding MGIMO graduate diplomas Minister in charge of Industry and Agroindustrial Complex of the Eurasian Economic Commission Gohar Barseghyan took part in the ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates of the Master's Degree program of the Eurasian Training Institute of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Having congratulated the graduates on the completion of their studies, the EEC Minister emphasized: "The unique nature of the educational programs of the Eurasian Training Institute is to promote cooperation and development of relations within integration associations. In my opinion, you are a good support group for integration in the Eurasian space. Each and every one of you will certainly be in demand." Recall that the systemic interaction between EEC and MGIMO began in 2022. In December 2023, a new training and educational project of the Eurasian Economic Union was launched at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, the EEC and MGIMO signed a cooperation program for 2024-2025.  The university is actively involved in devising new approaches to the development of the Eurasian agenda. The Consortium of Higher Education Institutions in the field of Eurasian integration was established on its basis. Specialized educational programs and projects have been developed and are being implemented today.  Alexander Grushko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Tamara Shashikhina, Director of the Eurasian Training Institute, attended the graduation ceremony.
15 Jul 2024 Sergei Glazyev: "Support for regional trade and economic cooperation is one of the priorities of the Eurasian development agenda until 2025" Sergei Glazyev, Minister in charge of Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission, took part in the plenary session of the 11th Russian-Kyrgyz Interregional Conference in Krasnoyarsk. The event is annually attended by heads of regions, entrepreneurs, representatives of development and business support institutions of the Eurasian Economic Union countries. This year's conference was held under the leadership of Akylbek Japarov, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers – Head of the Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic, and Alexei Overchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Sergei Glazyev noted that "developing interregional trade and economic cooperation is one of the important directions of the Strategy-2025. For its implementation, the Commission has held more than a dozen face-to-face events in various regions of the EAEU countries, webinars for representatives of the business community and regional authorities, and a special portal has been launched on the EEC website". As part of the conference, the Commission organized a panel session "Interregional Cooperation in the EAEU Space" moderated by Sergei Glazyev and Kanybek Azhekbarov, Deputy Director of the EEC Macroeconomic Policy Department. The session presented an overview of measures and activities implemented by the Commission to intensify interregional interaction in the Union; and put forward proposals to improve the efficiency of interregional cooperation in finance, investment, foreign economic activities, transport and logistics. Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, who took part in the EEC session, informed on the portal for interregional cooperation in the EAEU. According to him, the resource formed by the Commission enables any economic entity to publish information on goods and services, potential and existing investment projects, business events, regional preferences (exemptions) for investors, as well as on the Union's opportunities for business development, promotion of cooperation and trade and economic cooperation between regions on a free-of-charge basis. The need to develop transport communication between the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the regions of Kyrgyzstan, including the establishment of direct flights between Krasnoyarsk and Tamchi (Issyk-Kul), which will help, in particular, to unlock the tourism potential of these regions, was noted. The EEC delegation also participated in the business session "Cooperation opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic", during which it answered the questions of interest to the business community. The 11th Russian-Kyrgyz Interregional Conference was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic.    
EEC restores fair competition in the market for medicines 15 Jul 2024 EEC restores fair competition in the market for medicines The Eurasian Economic Commission has considered the application of the Russian company Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC on unfair competition. According to the applicant's information, ESCO-PHARM LLC (Republic of Armenia) sold perfume and cosmetic products (oral hygiene products) with the names "Ingalipt Vialine", "Cameton Vialine", "Furacilin Vialine", which are similar to the trade names of well-known drugs for the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs ("Ingalipt", "Cameton", "Furacilin"). This similarity may mislead consumers as to whether these products have therapeutic properties. Having considered the application, the Commission issued a warning to ESCO-FARM LLC. In due time, the company stopped production and sale of the said perfume and cosmetic products (PCP). In view of the fulfillment of all the requirements of the warning within the prescribed period of time, the Commission terminated examination of the application. "During the review of the application, it was found that the product cards on the marketplaces stated that these perfume and cosmetic products could be used to treat rhinitis, tonsillitis, sore throat and other diseases of the ENT organs. However, the technical regulation of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Perfumes and Cosmetics" does not apply to goods used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases," said Deputy Director of the EEC's Antitrust Regulation Department Olga Korolkova In order to protect customers and eliminate the consequences of the actions of ESCO-FARM LLC, the Commission appealed to representatives of popular Russian marketplaces - Wildberries, Ozon and Yandex Market. The sites promptly blocked the relevant product cards and obliged the supplier to remove information about the therapeutic properties of the products. This is how the companies helped the EEC to restore fair competition in the Union drug market.      
15 Jul 2024 EEC presented a new mechanism to support industrial cooperation at the Caucasus Investment Forum A new mechanism supporting industrial cooperation in the Eurasian Economic Union was presented by Nikolay Kushnarev, Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, at the round table "Competitive Advantages of the Caucasus for the Development of International Cooperation with Eurasian Partners" at the Caucasus Investment Forum in Grozny. "This support measure is an important milestone in the development of Eurasian economic cooperation and, in fact, reflects a turning point in the transition from indirect measures of business support to the provision of financial assistance," Nikolai Kushnarev emphasized. According to him, the unique nature of the presented mechanism is that it can be used for the implementation of industrial cooperation projects simultaneously with national and regional support measures, and also provides for various formats of cooperation organization. Nikolay Kushnarev noted the readiness of the Commission to work more closely with entrepreneurs and banks on the formation and implementation of pilot projects within the above mechanism. Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Government of the Republic of Dagestan, the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan, the Joint Stock Company "Caucasus. RF" and other participants of the event confirmed their interest in continuing cooperation with the EEC under the new mechanism.
15 Jul 2024 EEC discussed the procedure for filling in the e-declarations A meeting of the Working Group on improving the procedure for customs operations in respect of express cargo and international mail chaired by Grigor Oganyan, Deputy Director of the Department for Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice of the Eurasian Economic Commission, was held on July 15. The participants of the meeting discussed issues related to the indication of information on an individual - recipient of goods, information on the name of the trading floor. Also discussed was the need to establish transitional provisions in respect of such information in order for businesses to adapt to the new rules. "Discussion continued on the Commission's draft decision on the procedure and form for completing the declaration of e-commerce goods. The document has a high degree of preparation. We just have to discuss individual targeted issues," Grigor Oganyan noted. Representatives of government agencies and businesses, including postal operators and express carriers, took part in the meeting of the Working Group. A Protocol on amendments to the Union's Customs Code with regard to foreign e-commerce regulation was signed at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council on December 25, 2023. The Working Group on improving the procedure for customs operations with respect to express cargo and international mail is established under the Advisory Committee on Customs Regulation and has been functioning since 2018.
12 Jul 2024 Arzybek Kozhoshev held a working meeting with GEIDCO management On July 11, Arzybek Kozhoshev, EEC Minister in charge of Energy and Infrastructure held in New York (USA) a working meeting with Plenipotentiary Director — Chief International Cooperation Officer of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) Cheng Zhiqiang. During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Commission and GEIDCO in the energy sector. In particular, they considered a number of topics such as the possibility of providing consulting assistance and support for clean and alternative energy source projects being implemented in the EAEU countries by GEIDCO organizations. The sides also discussed the possibility of education and advanced training of specialists from the "five countries" in the field of renewable energy sources during training sessions, and other issues related to the transition to sustainable energy and achieving low-carbon development goals. Summing up the meeting, the EEC Minister invited Cheng Zhiqiang to participate in the energy session as part of the Eurasian Economic Forum to be held this fall in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia). The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), with its permanent office in Beijing, is an international organization of willing firms, associations, institutions and individuals who are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy worldwide
12 Jul 2024 Russia's pilot project for developing national single window mechanism presented at EEC The Eurasian Economic Commission, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Federal Customs Service and the Russian Export Center (REC) demonstrated pilot projects for developing a national single window mechanism in the Russian Federation as part of implementing the Strategy-2025. The event was attended by representatives of the Commission, customs services, public authorities and businesses of the Eurasian Economic Union countries involved in the project for developing national single window mechanisms. The Russian side demonstrated the work of a set of information and software tools of the FCS of Russia, including the "Seaport Portal" and the automated subsystem "Personal Account Services Component", as well as the REC's digital platform "My Export". While demonstrating pilot projects, the relevance of the reference model of the national single window mechanism for regulating foreign economic activity, developed by the Commission's Customs Cooperation Unit and the Union States, was noted. The pilot projects were highly appreciated by the parties' representatives. They emphasized that this entails the development of advanced customs technologies, simplification of trade procedures, and more efficient interaction between state regulators of foreign economic activities and the business community. Disposition No. 4 of the EEC Council dated April 5, 2021 "On the Action Plan for implementing the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025" defines measures, mechanisms and activities for implementing the Strategy-2025. These include measures related to the demonstration of pilot projects for implementing national single window mechanisms to ensure their further compatibility and the possibility of data exchange.
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