If due to  Rule 2 (b) or due to  other reasons there  is,  prima facie, any possibility of  referring the products to two or more commodity positions, these products  shall be  classified in the following way:
а) preference shall be given to the commodity position which contains  most specific  description of the product, as compared with  commodity positions with a more detailed description.  However,  when each of two or more commodity positions has  any relation to some part of materials or substances  included to the composition of  of a mixture or  or a multi-component article,or only tosome part  of products  provided in a set for retail sale, these commodity positions shall be considered equal in relation to   this product, even if  one of them  provides  more complete and more precise description of the product; 

b) mixtures, multi-component articles consisting of various  materials or made  of various components and made of  various components, and commodities  provided in sets for retail trade, when their classification  cannot be carried out in accordance with provisions of Rule 3(a), shall be classified  by  the material or component, which give the main property for  these products, provided that  this criterion  can be used;

c) the products which cannot be classified in accordance with provisions  of Rule 3 (a) or 3 (b), shall be classified in the commodity position  which is the last in the ascending order of codes among  commodity positions which are equally acceptable  for consideration  during classification of these products.​