28.07.2022 (Обновлено: 04.08.2022 16:16)

Arzybek Kozhoshev and Viktor Karankevich noted need to complete rules for functioning of EAEU common power markets

During his working visit to the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant on July 27, Arzybek Kozhoshev, Minister in charge of Energy and Infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission, conducted negotiations with Viktor Karankevich, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, on establishing common power markets of the Eurasian Economic Union.

"It is important to work out mutually agreed solutions on key points of establishing power markets. This will enable ensuring the practical feasibility of the documents being adopted as well as readiness to launch common markets", the EEC Minister stated.

Arzybek Kozhoshev has noted that the existence of issues not agreed upon by the sides hinders the adoption of documents and prevents from launching common power markets on scheduled time. The sides exchanged views on possible ways to settle uncoordinated issues.

"In order to early finalize the fundamental rules and regulations for functioning of the common electrical power and gas markets, I deem it necessary to focus on narrowing the authorized bodies’ positions and reaching consensus", he stressed. 
Besides, the EEC Minister added that searching for solutions to outstanding issues would continue at a higher level between the Governments of the Member States.

Following the meeting, Arzybek Kozhoshev invited Viktor Karankevich to personally attend the meetings of heads of the Union countries' authorized bodies in August this year, and expressed hope that the scheduled negotiations would be held in a constructive manner and would enable reaching solutions acceptable to all participants. 

It bears reminding that the EAEU power markets should start operating since 2025. An international treaty on establishing a common gas market can be signed this year.