EEC reported on state of competition in transboundary markets

The Eurasian Intergovernmental Council approved the annual report of the Eurasian Economic Commission on the state of competition in transboundary markets and measures taken to suppress violations of general competition rules therein for 2023.

During the reporting period, the Commission continued to monitor compliance with the general competition rules in the EAEU transboundary markets within the procedures carried over from previous periods, as well as in terms of reviewing incoming applications and materials. Applications received in 2023 concern the construction, pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors of the EAEU States' economies.

The report provides detailed information on all 15 applications and materials submitted to the Commission. The largest number of signs of violations of the Union's law concerned unfair competition – there were 10 such materials. There were signs of abuse of dominant position in four of them and signs of anticompetitive agreement in one of them.

In 2023, the Commission conducted 8 investigations, issued one caution, and 11 cases were pending. After considering the cases, 7 decisions were adopted by the Commission's Board.

Besides, the report reflects the results of considering notifications on introduction of state price regulation in the Union countries' commodity markets. It contains information on improving the EAEU law and the Member States' legislation in the field of competition and antitrust regulation. A separate block covered the activities of the Commission on Competition Advocacy and International Cooperation. The annual report on competition approved by the Intergovernmental Council will be posted on the Union's official website.