EEC made changes to Nomenclature of Dosage Forms

The decision adopted at the November 21 meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission unifies the dosage form names of medicinal products for medical use in accordance with Part 2 of the Pharmacopoeia of the Eurasian Economic Union, published in 2022.

The adopted decision will make it possible to establish uniform approaches to naming dosage forms and using unified terms in accordance with the Union's Pharmacopoeia for assessing the quality of dosage forms and their uniform indication in the unified register of registered medicines of the Union.

The document is also supplemented with a nomenclature of dosage forms of veterinary pharmaceuticals. This is necessary for a uniform approach to naming the specified dosage forms and assessing the quality of veterinary pharmaceuticals by bodies (expert institutions) of the EAEU States authorized in the field of circulation of veterinary pharmaceuticals, as well as a uniform indication of dosage forms in the register of registered veterinary pharmaceuticals of the Union.