EEC issued warning based on results of Public Information Office activities

The Eurasian Economic Commission issued a warning about the inadmissibility of actions that could lead to breaching the general competition rules in the EAEU cross-border market.
At the Public Information Office hosted by Nur-Sultan on June 9, a businessman engaged in producing polyethylene materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan informed that mass media were disseminating information about an upcoming increase in prices for raw materials used in polyethylene production. The Commission promptly verified this fact and issued an appropriate warning upon its confirmation.

Such a format of interaction with business – Public Information Offices – allows businesses to directly inform the Commission about their problems, and the Commission can promptly respond to a received signal.

The EEC Competition Block regularly holds meetings of the Public Information Offices, inviting business representatives from the Union countries for a direct dialogue. "Based on the meeting results, we accumulate all the questions asked by entrepreneurs and post the answers on the Commission’s website or send them directly. If required, we conduct individual consultations for specific economic entities," Arman Shakkaliev, EEC Minister in charge of Competition and Antitrust Regulation, explained.

In addition, the meeting considered the issues of providing suppliers of industrial goods with unhindered access to participation in public procurement of the EAEU countries. The attendees were informed about the Commission's information resource – the Eurasian Register of Industrial Goods of the EAEU States, the procedure for its forming and the algorithm for including industrial products manufactured in the EAEU in it.

The attendees also raised questions about marketing authorization of medicinal products within the Union countries, issues of technical regulation, expanding the list of goods for which production conditions are accepted in the EAEU, etc.

At the end of the meeting, the EEC representatives called on entrepreneurs to more actively include information about their goods in the Eurasian Register, which will allow them to participate in the Union countries' public procurement.