19.04.2023 (Обновлено: 20.04.2023 16:49)

EEC develops anti-crisis schemes for interaction between consumers and businesses in digital world

The problems of consumers and the business community in the digital world, efficient schemes of interaction between e-commerce participants and developing fair practices were discussed by the speakers of the thematic panel session of the 5th Eurasian Digital Forum, held at the venue of the TIBO-2023 International Forum in Minsk.

“Mitigating consumer and business risks amid digital transformation of the economy is a key factor in the further integration development of the Eurasian Economic Union countries,” noted Natalia Zhukova, Director of the Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures of the Eurasian Economic Commission and Moderator of the session. “Forming clear mechanisms and transparent schemes of interaction between the society, business community and the State will enable facilitating the development of a fair digital consumer market in the EAEU space.”

According to Natalia Zhukova, laying out common approaches to consumer rights protection in the field of electronic commerce is one of the key directions for joint development of the Union Member States until 2025. Such work is carried out by the Commission and is based on the best business practices and public needs in this field.

Heads of business associations, Internet platforms, state, scientific and public authorities and organizations of the EAEU countries discussed the latest trends and prospects for developing state control and business self-regulation in the interests of consumers. The best practices in implementing the fair trade principles, as well as the practice of maintaining a register of trusted online platforms, were considered among the elements of protecting the consumer market from counterfeit and fake products.

 The discussion attendees paid special attention to increasing digital and consumer rights awareness.

As Natalya Zhukova noted, the awareness and competence of market participants are key factors in the economic development. The year 2023 is being held in the EAEU under the motto "Informed Consumer – Responsible Business". Informational work with citizens and entrepreneurs on the respect for consumer rights is in the focus of joint activities of the Member States and meets the objectives of the EAEU social and economic development.

The session attendees decided to continue cooperation on defining mechanisms for settling consumer disputes as an important area of joint action between the EAEU countries in the field of consumer rights protection.

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The thematic panel session "Consumers and Business in the Digital World: Anti-crisis Interaction Schemes" was held by the Commission on April 19 as part of the business program of the 5th Eurasian Digital Forum, organized at the venue of the 29th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2023", being held on April 18-21 in Minsk (the Republic of Belarus).

The TIBO Forum is a unique platform for sharing international best practices, generating innovative knowledge and discussing mechanisms for implementing the state-of-the-art technological trends in various economic sectors, the social sphere and the public administration system.