24.12.2021 (Обновлено: 17.02.2022 18:40)

Outcomes of EEC Council on December 24

At its meeting on December 24, the Eurasian Economic Commission's Council decided to apply a special customs procedure for goods imported for the organization and holding of the UEFA Champions League final in 2022 in St. Petersburg. 

The EEC Council approved the draft Agreement of Release (Issue), Circulation and Redemption of Warehouse Certificates for Agricultural Products within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Rules for determining the country of origin of certain types of goods for public procurement purposes were amended by decision of the EEC Council. From now on, the criteria of origin established in the Rules for determining the country of origin in the Commonwealth of Independent States signed on November 20, 2009 will be applied to certain types of light industry goods, paper and trolleybuses to determine their country of origin.

The meeting of the EEC Council considered the issue of introducing new amendments to the Agreement on Common Principles and Rules for the Circulation of Medical Products (Medical Devices and Equipment) within the Eurasian Economic Union, which provide for extension of the national registration regime for one year, until December 31, 2022. The parties approved sending the protocol for internal legal procedures and signing. The protocol supplements

the protocol on amendments to the agreement previously approved by the parties, which extends the circulation of previously registered medical products until their marketing authorization expires.

It was decided to prepare and submit for consideration by the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council a draft decision on the establishment of the Council of Heads of the EAEU Member States' Authorized Authorities in the energy sector. The Council is to become an auxiliary authority for implementing a coordinated energy policy by the Union Member States.

The next meeting of the EEC Council will take place on January 21 in Moscow.