21.12.2022 (Обновлено: 28.12.2022 13:44)

EEC Advisory Committee on Technical Regulation continues improving EAEU legislation

The meeting of the Advisory Committee on Technical Regulation, Application of Sanitary, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Measures, chaired by Viktor Nazarenko, Minister in charge of Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, approved a number of decisions to be considered and approved at the EEC Board's meeting. They include draft amendments to the Technical Regulation “On safety of perfume and cosmetic products”, revised editions of the lists of standards to the Technical Regulation “On safety of products intended for children and adolescents”, draft amendments to the Program for developing interstate standards to the Technical Regulation “On safety of packaged drinking water including natural mineral water".


 The Advisory Committee's members approved draft decision of the Commission's Council "On amendments to Decision No. 100 of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Council dated December 5, 2018" for further consideration by the EEC Board, envisaging amendments to the Procedure for including accredited conformity assessment bodies in the Union's unified register of conformity assessment bodies, as well as its formation and maintenance.

They supported draft updated program for developing interstate standards to the Technical Regulation "On safety of packaging",

as well as draft lists of products for which the filing of a customs declaration should be accompanied by submitting a document on assessing conformity (information on conformity assessment document) with the requirements of the Technical Regulations "On safety of low-voltage equipment" and "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means". After being amended following the discussion, they will be sent to the EEC Board for consideration.

As part of considering draft report, the EEC Council discussed systemic issues of developing the sphere of standardization within the EAEU and providing the Union's technical regulations with a full-fledged evidence base of modern standards.

“The Commission, jointly with the interested authorized bodies of our countries, prepares a report describing current and future activities in the field of standardization within the EAEU. The document touches upon systemic issues of ensuring mandatory requirements of the Union's technical regulations, and the enshrined mechanisms will become the blueprint for improving standardization in the field of technical regulation,” Viktor Nazarenko emphasized.