Simplified procedure of documenting origin of goods to be applied to partners of EAEU under free trade agreements

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council decided to simplify the procedure for documenting the origin of goods imported from countries with which the EAEU has concluded free trade agreements. The possibility to use copies of certificates of origin for goods to receive tariff preferences will be ensured on a temporary basis.

"Earlier, the Commission already simplified the process for goods from developing and least developed countries. Now the possibility to use copies of documents on origin will also be provided for our partners in the free trade regime," explained Andrey Slepnev, EEC Minister in charge of Trade.

Earlier he noted that in the current situation of external pressure, any administrative burden on businesses needed to be reduced. Adopting decisions similar to the today's one will allow leveling the difficulties faced by economic operators while conducting their foreign trade activities.

"I would also like to emphasize that a significant part of the preferential imports from the Eurasian Economic Union's partner countries under free trade agreements – as well as in the case of developing and the least developed countries – is foods. Therefore, the Council's decision will contribute to the food stability in the EAEU states," Andrey Slepnev emphasized.

The decision shall come into effect after 10 calendar days have elapsed from the date of its official publication and shall be applied until December 31, 2023.

For reference

The procedure of documenting the origin of goods imported from developing and the least developed countries has been simplified in accordance with EEC Council's Decision No. 33 dated March 17, 2022.