19.08.2022 (Обновлено: 26.08.2022 09:27)

EAEU clarified wording on imported goods for personal use

Following the results of law enforcement practice, the Eurasian Economic Commission's Council has adopted amendments to Council's Decision No. 107 dated December 20, 2017 "On Certain Issues Related to Goods for Personal Use".

The concept of "alcoholic beverages" has been corrected. The wording "alcoholic beverages with an alcohol concentration of more than 0.5%" will now apply. Quantitative restrictions have also been introduced on the import of products with heated tobacco: natural persons will be able to import up to 200 "sticks".

The wording has been clarified with regard to property imported with exemption from payments, which is inherited by several persons, as well as property that belongs to a person who has resettled permanently in the Member State or has received the status of a refugee or forced migrant.

The decision shall come into effect after 30 calendar days have elapsed from the date of its official publication.