03.03.2023 (Обновлено: 06.03.2023 17:00)

Yaroslavl enterprises to become participants in Eurasian engine creation program

Expanding cooperation of Yaroslavl Region's enterprises with the Eurasian Economic Union States was discussed at a meeting between Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Board, and Mikhail Evraev, Head of the region.

In particular, the meeting discussed a project to create a diesel engines line, with the major component’s production facilities located in the EAEU countries, including in close cooperation with Yaroslavl Region's enterprises. 

“Presidents of the Five States have set the task of entering into investment cooperation, and we will do so by creating joint programs. One of them will be a Eurasian engine creation program. It will help ensure technological sovereignty”, Mikhail Myasnikovich told after the meeting. “This project should trigger the development of trade and economic relations between the Union Member States, which would increase their technological potential and ensure independence from imports of products in the engine construction”.

According to the EEC Board Chairman, the Yaroslavl enterprises have potential to replace the missing imports of Western companies on a large scale. Moreover, the mechanisms of cooperation introduced, including support for new projects, allow companies to target their allied countries and, consequently, increase their investment projects, gain access to additional markets and preferential lending.

“Yaroslavl engine constructors produce very competitive products and are able to completely replace those missing import supplies of components that existed before”, Mikhail Myasnikovich pointed out.

According to Governor Mikhail Evraev, Yaroslavl Region has a diversified industry. “We are successfully developing the automotive and chemical industries, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and pharmaceuticals. We have great opportunities for cooperation with the Union countries in the development and implementation of advanced scientific and technical solutions, the development of cooperation”, he mentioned.

Mikhail Evraev added that Belarusian-made MAZs, the engines for which are produced in the regional center, will soon be commissioned on the public transport routes in Yaroslavl. 

“Cooperation turns out to be beneficial for everyone. I am glad to have such cooperation ongoing”, said Mikhail Evraev. “It also appears service-efficient. The opportunities for developing partnerships are enormous. New niches are opening up, and the eyes of many industrialists are burning. It is important that people take a proactive stance, expand the product range and improve the product quality”. 

The meeting also addressed agricultural cooperation issues. Both the EAEU countries and Yaroslavl manufacturers are ready to expand foreign trade activities.