Maksat Mamytkanov participated in conference dedicated to electronic commerce development

Maksat Mamytkanov, Minister in charge of Customs Cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, participated in the scientific and practical conference "Single Electronic Commerce Market: Marketplaces on the EAEU Agenda" dedicated to developing electronic commerce in the Eurasian Economic Union and combating counterfeiting.

 The EEC Minister spoke about the Commission's primary initiatives to regulate cross-border electronic commerce within the Union. The conference participants got acquainted with the results of the EEC's activities to modernize the Union's law, in particular, to improve the EAEU Customs Code and to implement experiments in the Member States aimed at developing the institution of electronic commerce.

"Trade development requires strengthening cooperation between the international customs community through the information exchange and mutual recognition of mechanisms to control and simplify customs procedures," Maksat Mamytkanov stated.
In his opinion, the e-commerce institution is a "bridge" between consumers and manufacturers around the world, and now it is necessary to create a flexible legal framework that ensures the strengthening of the dialogue between customs and business as part of this promising project.

For reference

At the moment, in the course of experiments conducted in the EAEU states, new legal approaches are being developed with due account for the current law of the Union. In accordance with Order No. 7 of the Council of the Commission dated April 5, 2021, simultaneously with the formation of the Union's regulatory framework, pilot projects (experiments) are being conducted in the Member States from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Along with this, the Commission adopted a number of acts of the Union, which form the legal basis for the experiment implementation.