EAEU technical regulation on combustible natural gas comes into force

On January 1, 2022, the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union On Safety of Combustible Natural Gas Prepared for Transportation and (or) Use, which was adopted in September 2018, comes into force.

The document establishes the rules for gas circulation on the Union market, according to which each batch of gas must be accompanied by a quality certificate with a clearly determined list of information: manufacturer data, standard and actual values of gas indicators, laboratory test results, the EAEU conformity mark.

The technical regulations establish uniform requirements for applying and implementing safety indicators for the following types of gas:

- prepared for transportation through main gas pipelines;

- industrial and household;

- compressed, prepared for use as fuel for internal combustion engines;

- liquefied after special preparation and used as fuel.

The requirements relate, among other things, to the content of hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, as well as mercaptan and total sulfur, mechanical impurities.

Product conformity with the requirements of the technical regulations is confirmed by a declaration and is ensured by the use of standards included in the list of standards for research (test) methods.

To ensure a systematic transition to the new common requirements, Decision No. 39 of the Commission's Board dated March 19, 2019 established transitional provisions, which expire on July 1, 2023.