Regulation on the integration development department


Integration Development Department:
  • Regulatory and Legal Framework Section
  • Analysis and Prospective Development Section
  • International Interaction Section
  • Consolidation and Planning Section


Integration Development Department:

  • Prepares proposals on further development of integration processes (including those on shaping and implementing the main directions of integration within the EAEU), particularly in terms of deepening the Member States' interaction and expanding their cooperation in new directions
  • Monitors and analyzes integration processes of other integration associations with a view to use their experience to deepen and expand integration within the EAEU
  • Organizes and coordinates work to improve the provisions of the Treaty on the EAEU, as well as ensures the activities of the consolidated working group
  • Shapes and participates in elaborating proposals to improve and develop the EAEU law, including those related to the regulatory support of integration process within the EAEU, and consolidated proposals on the directions of further development of integration processes
  • Explores the global experience of regional economic integration, as well as the possibilities and forms of interaction between the EEC and integration associations, prepares proposals on developing interaction with them, and analyzes the prospects of integration interaction with third countries
  • Shapes draft memorandums of cooperation and understanding with third countries, regional integration associations, and international organizations
  • Organizes the work on granting the Observer State status at the EAEU to third countries, as well as organizes and coordinates the work on the accession of third countries to the EAEU
  • Ensures interaction with third countries, regional integration associations, and international organizations within working groups created in accordance with memoranda
  • Interacts with business communities on integration development issues as part of activities of the Advisory Board for Interaction between the EEC and the EAEU Business Council
  • Participates in elaborating a set of measures to form and promote the positive image of the EAEU both within and outside the EAEU, as well as in forming the objective perception of Eurasian economic integration processes on the international stage