EAEU Climate Technologies and Digital Initiatives Bank


  Sector Project title Country Project developer Implementation results
Energy Efficiency Photovoltaic facade systems Russian Federation Unigreen Energy LLC • Reduced electric power costs • Original appearance of the facility • Increased energy efficiency of the building • Reduced CO2 emissions • Improved investment attractiveness of the facility • Possible certification of facilities built using BIPV according to the Russian and international green standards
Remote sensing Environmental complex for monitoring, liquidation, disposal, recycling of floating oils and measurement of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions Russian Federation Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Russian University of Transport" (FGAOU VO RUT (MIIT). Partner: Perm Energy Technology Company LLC (PEC LLC)
Public security Practical solution for efficient management of organic waste and animal by-products through the use of rapid composting technique TUCOS Russian Federation AIK LLC 1) the payback period for the pilot project was less than 2 years; 2) savings when using GOF amount to about 3,000 RUB/ha; 3) grain yields increased by 16% in the first year of using GOF; 4) the content of mobile phosphorus and exchangeable potassium in the soil increased by 1.5 times on average after the first application of GOF; 5) no risk of contaminating soil and water resources at the dung processing site; 6) minimized greenhouse gas emissions when processing dung and applying GOF; 7) no unpleasant odors (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia) in the place of dung and manure processing.
Public security HSC "Green Housing and Public Utilities" Russian Federation DEMLAB LLC 1. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the boiler house to the consumer and the municipality as a whole by up to 20%. 2. Real-time monitoring of the territory's air 24/7 3. Reduced energy consumption per consumer by up to 40% 4. Increased level of public satisfaction with the housing and utilities system up to 90% 5. Improved energy efficiency up to 90%: reduction of heat generation and consumption, fuel saving 6.100% transparent tool for controlling the heat supply system