EEC surveys medicine manufacturers about barriers

The Antitrust Regulation Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission conducts a survey of representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union's pharmaceutical industry to assess whether there are barriers for manufacturers of multi-source (generic) and bioanalogue (biosimilar) medicinal products to enter the EAEU market.

According to the Methodology for assessing the state of competition approved by the EEC Council, barriers to enter into a commodity market mean the procedure for determining the circumstances (actions) that prevent economic entities from starting operations in the commodity market. Barriers to enter into a commodity market can be administrative or economic restrictions, as well as restrictions created by the behavior strategy of market participants.

The attention of the Commission's Antitrust Department is focused on assessing the set of factors and potentially harmful anticompetitive strategies that negatively affect the availability of medicines to consumers in the Union countries.

The results of the survey will be summarized in the Commission's study on the relevant topic and submitted to the EAEU governing bodies for consideration.

If you are a medicinal products manufacturer, the Antitrust Regulation Department invites you to fill in the questionnaire and send it with a covering letter to the e-mail addresses of the Commission's employees:;