Bakytzhan Sagintaev, "EAEU is 93 million workers that can work freely in any of the Union countries"

At the forum "Eurasian Dialogue on the Labor Market" that is being held in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Bakytzhan Sagintaev, EEC Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy, told about the most essential focus areas of the Eurasian Economic Commission's work on expanding the rights of workers and increasing their social protection.

"Today, the EAEU is 93 million workers that can work freely in any of the Union countries," he emphasized.
The EEC Minister reminded that one of the most important documents in that field was the Pension Agreement for Working Population in the EAEU countries that entered into force in 2021. It equalized the conditions with those applied to citizens of the state of employment when establishing, maintaining and realizing pension rights and resolved the issues of exporting workers' pensions.

Important amendments were also introduced into the Treaty on the EAEU. They will allow to change the purpose of entry for employment purposes without leaving the host state, will ensure direct recognition of workers' educational documents in pedagogy and jurisprudence and will provide opportunities to conclude international agreements on direct recognition of academic degrees and titles within the EAEU. Once those changes enter into force, that will eliminate the need to go through any additional procedures in the state of employment.

Bakytzhan Sagintaev told that for the purpose of forecasting the need of the EAEU economies in workers the EEC annually prepared and posted the List of the Most In-Demand Professions in the Common Labor Market on its website. Later the featured professions are supplemented with the recommended required qualifications that the EAEU countries use in developing their national required qualifications.

"The List of In-Demand Professions and the recommended required qualifications for them are also a reference for educational organizations when they create their professional training programs," emphasized the EEC Minister. "This work is aimed at consistent convergence of workers' qualification levels for the purpose of increasing labor productivity."

Bakytzhan Sagintaev also told about the prospects for further development of the common labor market in the EAEU.