04.12.2023 (Обновлено: 05.12.2023 14:54)

EAEU publishes five-year statistics

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Statistics Department has published the Statistical Yearbook of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Yearbook provides data on the main results of the EAEU States' social and economic development in 2018–2022, including, inter alia, data on the population, employment, living standards, education, prices, gross domestic product, industrial and agricultural production, investment, construction, transport and communications, the consumer market, financial market participants, balance of payments, public finance and the monetary system.

At year-end 2022, the EAEU resident population was 185.4 million people. The 2022 gross domestic product of the EAEU countries reached 2,603.9 billion US dollars and increased by 6.4% over five years. The EAEU industrial production grew by 12% over five years and reached 1,703.8 billion US dollars; agricultural production increased by 15.1% and amounted to 166.4 billion US dollars.

In addition to US dollars, the main socio-economic indicators for 2018–2023 are calculated in the currencies of the EAEU States.

More detailed statistics has been provided on the EEC Statistics Department's webpage in the Statistical Publications section.