Agricultural universities of Armenia and Russia launched joint education project on winemaking

On March 2, the first joint lecture on sensory methods of quality assessment and the regulatory framework for manufacturing alcoholic beverages was held for students of the National Agrarian University of Armenia and the Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy.

"This format of interaction between two agricultural universities has become a practical result of implementing the Memorandum on Developing Interaction between the Eurasian Economic Union States in the field of personnel training for the manufacturing industry and the agricultural sector. This document was signed by the Union countries’ executive authorities in the field of education and agriculture in November 2021 and gave a new impulse to developing interstate interuniversity cooperation", stressed Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture.
In particular, the NAU of Armenia and the Timiryazev Academy agreed to launch a training course on winemaking as a pilot one with due regard to the high culture of winegrowing in these countries as well as available experience in the scientific and educational sphere.
In the current semester, both universities have started online lectures and practical classes on subjects of mutual interest. For example, the Timiryazev Academy students have now the opportunity to master new skills in organizing wine marketing and wine tourism shared by faculty members of the NAU of Armenia. Simultaneously during the classes organized by the RSAU-MTAA, students of the Armenian University will learn about sensory methods of quality assessment and the regulatory framework for manufacturing alcoholic beverages.

About 50 students at subject-oriented departments in their agricultural universities take part in this joint project. Following the semester, these students will obtain relevant certificates and their learning outcomes will be mutually credited in the educational process.

Furthermore, the NAU of Armenia and the Timiryazev Academy address the issue of organizing a practical training in winemaking to guarantee the consolidation of knowledge gained by students at the premises of manufacturing enterprises.

"This kind of cooperation is mutually beneficial for both countries, since the parties get a synergetic effect by combining the best practices and practical experience, strengthening the interuniversity partnership, increasing the level of professional competencies of students being formed as well as developing intercultural communications", Artak Kamalyan summed up.