10.03.2022 (Обновлено: 15.04.2022 16:26)

List of standards to technical regulation for liquefied hydrocarbon gases updated

The Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board has approved an updated list of standards for research rules (tests) to the Technical Regulation "Requirements for liquefied hydrocarbon gases to be used as fuel".

The updated interstate standards apply to liquefied hydrocarbon gases for household consumption as well as those intended to be used as motor fuel for motor vehicles.

The expediency of updating current standards is caused by increased requirements for product quality as well as the need to harmonize standards with international requirements for ensuring the measurement reliability.

The new list includes 31 standards, 17 of which are interstate standards (two of them have been developed on the basis of ISO international standards and one standard has been developed on the basis of the EN regional standard). The remaining 14 standards are national standards of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, including six standards developed on the basis of ASTM regional standards.

A transitional period has been established for applying certain interstate standards replaced by newly adopted ones as well as national standards.

The list of standards has been updated with due regard to standards developed in accordance with their development program (approved by Decision No. 33 of the Commission’s Board dated February 28, 2018).