11.04.2022 (Обновлено: 28.04.2022 17:18)

EEC and the EAEU countries’ business community discussed issues of technical regulation

Innovations in the Eurasian Economic Union’s law on technical regulation; objectives related to amending and developing the EAEU technical regulations and interstate standards; and issues of conformity assessment and accreditation were discussed at a round table in the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The event was organized by the EEC Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department and enabled the EAEU States’ entrepreneurs to further discuss the most relevant matters with the Commission’s representatives.

The round table was attended by more than 90 people. They included more than 75 businessmen, including representatives of member organizations of the EAEU Business Council, as well as the Union countries’ authorized bodies in the field of technical regulation and the EEC structural subdivisions, whose jurisdiction includes issues of competition and antitrust regulation, industrial policy, customs cooperation and others.

"The role of our Union countries’ business community in forming and developing the EAEU technical regulation is very high", stressed Timur Nurashev, Director of the EEC Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department. "The more active position is taken by the business community in developing technical regulation tools in relation to economic sectors, the more successfully our common objectives will be achieved in the EAEU: ensuring the safety of goods, improving the quality and competitiveness of products manufactured in the Union and, in general, stable economic development of our States".
A substantial part of the discussion was devoted to standardization and conformity assessment. The business community was interested in topics related to amendments to the Procedure for developing, adopting, amending and canceling the Union’s technical regulations and the Procedure for developing and adopting lists of standards ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Union’s technical regulations. For example, introducing the principle of possible application of interstate standards only after all countries of the EAEU accede to them was discussed. These issues were included in the agenda of the EEC Council’s meeting to be held on April 15 this year.

The round table attendees received clarifications about the procedure for including methods for the same products according to the same indicators; measures taken for methods or regulatory documents missing in the lists of standards, for example, to Technical Regulations "Safety requirements to food additives, flavors and auxiliary substances" and "On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure".

Issues of conformity assessment were of particular interest to the business community: on optimizing procedures for confirming conformity of products, special aspects of applying the scheme 9c, introduced in the Technical Regulation "On safety of equipment for operation in explosive environments", as well as the possibilities of reissuing conformity certificates using the simplified procedure.

The event attendees were informed on operational activities carried out by the Commission on practical implementation of measures to improve economic stability of the Union States. This entailed, in particular, optimizing effective dates of new mandatory requirements to products introduced within the Union, as well as effective terms of transitional periods in relation to such requirements. This also entailed optimizing (including cancelling, revising and adopting) mandatory requirements to products provided for within the Union and at the national level, conformity assessment procedures, rules for its release into circulation to maintain stable supply of goods in the internal market with due regard to technological characteristics of the Union States’ manufacturing processes.