14.09.2022 (Обновлено: 23.09.2022 12:01)

EEC directs efforts to implementing healthy nutrition policy

On September 14, Saliya Karymbaeva, Deputy Director of the EEC Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures, spoke at the 72nd session of the Regional Committee for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO). The EEC representative emphasized the WHO role as a leader in shaping global healthcare and healthy nutrition policy.

The ubiquitous spread of non-communicable diseases is a global issue that should be dealt with by comprehensive approaches to disease prevention, involving food manufacturers, the media and governing bodies.

Consumption of food products with low consumer properties, including due to unreasonably high food energy value, excessive intake of saturated fats, deficiency of micronutrients and dietary fiber, is the reason of a decline in a life quality as well as for a number of diseases development among the population.

In her speech, Saliya Karymbaeva has noted that it is preventive measures being implemented as part of various strategies that can be a viable mechanism to control non-communicable diseases, including overweight and obesity.

Besides, Saliya Karymbaeva stressed that the development and manufacture of a wide range of healthy food products being created with the use of high-tech innovative technologies can be one of the mechanisms for implementing the healthy nutrition policy.