EEC considered list of measures for cooperation with WCO

The Eurasian Economic Commission discussed a list of measures to develop cooperation with the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The meeting of the EEC field-specific working group was attended by representatives of the Commission's Customs Cooperation Unit and the EAEU countries' authorized authorities dealing with customs cooperation development, as well as improvement of customs regulation in interaction with the international customs community. The Working Group's experts considered legal and organizational approaches for implementing Paragraph 11.7.5 of the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025
 in terms of interaction with the WCO.

"Implementing the directives of the Heads of the EAEU Member States on the Union's membership in the WCO and accession to its fundamental documents is a highly topical issue appearing on the agenda of the Commission’s Customs Cooperation Unit. The objectives set require a comprehensive analysis and search for optimal organizational and legal solutions within the EAEU law", noted Sergei Vladimirov, Director of the EEC Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice.

According to the Commission, the performance of the Working Group will improve the interaction between the EAEU and the WCO in the technical committees on customs cooperation, including the development of legal arrangements of this international customs organization.

For reference

Paragraph 11.7.5. of the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025, approved by Decision No. 12 of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council dated December 11, 2020, contemplates such measures as obtaining by the Union of the WCO Member status and exploring the Union’s possibility to join the WCO fundamental documents.