Session of the Advisory Committee for Agroindustrial Complex

Page Content  On December 14, the thirteenth session of the Advisory Council on Agroindustrial Complex will be held at the EEC headquarters chaired by the Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Agroindustrial Policy of the EEC Sergey Sidorskiy. It is planned that the session will be attended by representatives of ministries, departments, the expert and business communities, trade unions and associations of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The Advisory Committee plans to discuss the following issues: ·         the draft Regulations on the procedure for conducting molecular genetic examination of breeding production of the EAEU Member States;                ·           draft Rules on approbation of newly created types, lines (breeds) and crosses of agricultural animals;                ·         draft Rules on defining the breed of breeding animals;                ·         draft composition of the information to be shared between the EAEU States about breeding animals;                ·         draft recommendations of the EEC Board “On definition of “sensitive agricultural products”;               ·          draft Decision of the EEC Board “On requirements to the subsystem of the agroindustrial complex of the EAEU Member States within the framework of the integrated information system of the Eurasian Economic Union and rules of interaction for its formation”;            ·              draft recommendation of the EEC Board “On strengthening the effectiveness of the application of measures of state regulation of the agricultural market, including measures of state support”;               ·         draft Rules of formation and implementation of the common register of varieties of agricultural plants; ·         draft technological documents regulating informational exchange in formation, maintenance and use of the common register of varieties of agricultural plants within the integrated information system of foreign and domestic trade of the EAEU.   Venue: Office C-1022, Bldg. 2,  2 Letnikovskaya st., Moscow Start: 14.00